Restore the American Middle class


It is no coincidence that the middle class prospered in the 1950s and 60s when union membership was strong. But business leaders took advantage of a few organized labor scandals and have over the decades eroded the public’s confidence and trust in unions. We now find ourselves with stagnating wages and a decreasing amount of full-time jobs while business executives earn tens of millions of dollars per year.  People who have worked hard for decades are losing their pensions when their mismanaged company goes out of business but the executives jump safely away with their golden parachutes.


Let’s take the popular movements of Occupy Wall Street and Raise the Minimum Wage, combine them with the negotiating and organizing experience of the unions and create a new Progressive Labor Movement. I will work on legislation that is pro-worker and helps American families gain access to a livable wage as well as paid sick/family leave.

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